Chef for the summer to restaurant Paven

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We are hiring a chef for the summer to restaurant Paven. Ravintola Paven is a charming old pavilion where the unique combination of good food and the genuine archipelago enviroment meet. The restaurant is situated just a short trip from the shore. High quality archipelago food with a modern touch and an excellent customer service is what we are aiming for. 

The chef we are searching for has already worked in a kitchen for some years, and we appreciate if she/he has an education. 

We also appreciate that you are alert and iniative and that you always want to give the customers your best. You have to know how to work in a team because you will always have a coworker with you on the shift. You will be preparing lunch, fine dining, a la carte and an Archipelago buffet during the weekends.

The restaurant is situated on the Pentala island. Two ferrys sail here but you can also come by boat. The ideal would be that you would work every second week. You can stay on the island on the weeks you are working and on Monday we change shifts. Working hours are 112,5/3 weeks. The restaurant is open 12-21 everyday of the week. This is a wonderful opportunity to come and experience the fantastic atmosphere of the archipelago.

We hire a chef as soon as we find the right person for the job.


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